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The Invisible Peugeot 807 - Creativity Needs a Blank Slate

2015-02-14 13:32:40 / author: Ben Weir views: 10 / 2889

You might take a look at this video and think that it's a bit abstract. Boys playing on the beach, pretending to drive an imaginary car, and a girl asks for a ride to which they turn her down. She climbs into the back of the imaginary car which seemingly becomes more and more real, sat above the ground, breeze in her hair when the windows open, and as the Peugeot 807 drives off she's sat in the back seat.
It doesn't seem to make much sense but actually it calls upon both the manufacturer and the customer to use their imagination and to be creative. You can't revolutionise the design of a car without imagineering first, and this is exactly what they've done.


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