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Opel Astra H Shows Basset Hound What Speed Is

2015-02-08 02:42:05 / author: Katy Riddick views: 3 / 5206

Opel Astra and a funny Basset Hound make a hilarious video to watch!

Opel Astra H was introduced in 2004. The five-door hatchback adopted a significant change from the previous models, but also came with a few innovations that other European manufacturers could only dream about. For example, a digital radio was one of the most attractive features, yet it was an optimal one. As for this commercial, it is definitely funny enough, whether or not you love cars or dogs. Just because a Basset Hound is not good as a race dog, it can still ride at over 150MPH when taken inside an Opel Astra H, LOL!



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