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The Honda Fit 2015 might have rushed to the finish line a tad too quickly. Even though a new design and an improved performance have been announced and left drivers to await the release with huge anticipation, the later steps of the process revealed that the Honda Fit 2015 barely scored the passing margin on the safety test. After receiving such poor results on such an important field, Honda had no other choice but to retake the test after redesigning the model so that the obvious issues would be fixed.

The initial crash test

The early production version of the Honda Fit 2015 first took the crash test in March this year, only to discover that the scores of the small overlap tests are ridiculously low. After failing the first test, Honda took the model back to the repair section and used this opportunity to fortify the bumper beam welds.

An attempt to resolve the issue

The next test didn’t go much better either. The small overlap test has revealed that the newly improved bumper has actually broken free from the frame rail completely, which proved that the improvements which have been implemented to the Honda Fit 2015 haven’t exactly been successful. Once again, Honda went back to the repairs and the engineer team made sure that the bumper beam was more firmly attached to the frame rail. After a repeated test, the Honda fit 2015 has finally passed with a marginal rating.

Flawed models are to be fixed

Sadly, these changes have been implemented all the while Honda Fit 2015 was being sold to drivers. To remedy this issue, Honda has announced that it will recall the sold 12,000 models of the car and fix this issue for free. The repair can be arranged for any driver who purchased the Honda Fit 2015 before June 6th, as the models after that they have established an acceptable rating in the crash tests and therefore do not require any repairs.

Getting the repair

The repair of this issue can be arranged by contacting any of the Honda dealerships in the United States, and Honda’s chief safety engineer, Chuck Thomas encouraged drivers to return their car for a repair which should take no more than only 30 minutes.

A customization tool follows the release

After finally reaching the satisfactory result of the test, Honda Fit 2015 has gone back to polish and finalize the production, by introducing drivers to an online configurator, a tool which will help drivers customize the car. Even though it presents as a useful choice, not many customization options are offered after all. The changes drivers will be able to expect to implement to their Honda Fit 2015 are only limited to trims, transmissions and color of the model.


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