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Chevy S10 - Forget About Utilities, Go Drifting!

2015-04-15 20:31:48 / author: Katy Riddick views: 2 / 1660

Hoho, I'm mad about this crazy Chevy drifting!

Produced since 1982, Chevy S10 is clearly one of the most popular pickup trucks around America. It comes in two variants – RWD and AWD. Brazil is the only place where this compact pickup truck is still produced. If you imagine that it makes a great addition to your business due to the extra room in the back, you are wrong. In fact, you might want to take it on the track and explore its hidden talents as well. Judging by this video, it looks like Chevy S10 is an excellent drifting vehicle due to its power and long profile, which add to its stability.

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