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Inexperienced Driver Crashes Audi S5 In The Bus Station While Drifting

2015-04-18 12:03:02 / author: Katy Riddick views: 6 / 5796

Audi S5 represents the improved version of S4, as well as the more luxurious version of A5. The production began in 2007 and targeted a few different variants, including coupe, fastback, and Cabrio ones. Just like it was probably obvious, Audi S5 has more than just high-end features. Instead, it brings a perfect performance too, as well as some innovative upgrades. The driver in this video is probably trying to test them out in a beautiful drift on a snowy road. Unfortunately, the drift takes longer than expected, while the car becomes impossible to control. Therefore, the driver smashes into a bus station.


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