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2015 Hyundai Genesis Finally Rolls Out With A New Look To Greet The Audience

The brand-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis has finally made an official appearance in the 2014 Detroit auto show and it seems that the latest addition to the Hyundai family is going to be just what the excited drivers expected from this model. This luxurious sedan didn’t fail to live up to the expectations, but some critics say that the design and the overall performance of the car have been approached with an unusual sort of stiffness, unlike the previous releases of this series.
The traditional engine with the dropped horsepower
Most changes which will be noticeable right from the start are in the exterior design of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. And even though the Genesis is going to carry over the traditional V-6 and V-8 engines, they have gone through a change of their own as well. A significant drop in horsepower has been noticed. It has been stated that the V-6 engine is going to be the standard issue performance part, and the horsepower of it shifted from 333 to 311. This resulted in a significant increase the torque by 2ft –lbs, making it 293 ft –lb worth of torque in total.
A slightly more powerful optional engine
For drivers looking for a better performance in the engine department, the V-8 engine is going to be an optional addition to be purchased. Even though it suffered a significant drop in horsepower, dropping from 429 to 420, the creators of the Hyundai Genesis stated that the increase in torque for both the engines is going to improve handling and make the Genesis much smoother to operate while driving.
The changes in exterior design
The eight speed transmission is going to accompany both the engine versions, even though rumors had it that this model might have the 10 speed transmission, which was under development. Even though the engines are pretty much the same as the predecessor models, the real change comes in the exterior design which definitely strikes out as different and new in the Hyundai world. The new 2015 Genesis has a longer hood, a spacious cabin and they comfortable interior fit for a luxury sedan.
The amazing technological features
A brand-new improvement which might strike the Hyundai fans is highly unusual is the new Smart Trunk system, which will allow the automatic operation of the trunk. The car results are going to be compatible with the Google glass app, so the drivers who have the Google glass will be able to use it in order to start the car, lock or unlock the door and will be able to guide the driver to the parked car.


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