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2015 Ford Super Duty Polishes The Imperfections On 2014 Models

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As we are moving on to the year 2015, a lot of new cars are being announced. Drivers with a wish to buy something new are going to have hands full of choices. And for the fans of high-powered pickup trucks, some good news finally arrived. Ford is about to launch a brand-new model, the 2015 Ford Super Duty. For now, only test drivers are able to tell whether or not this car is going to be a major improvement, but based on the information available, the latest Ford pickup truck is definitely going to pick up on the improvement area.

What are the major improvements?

The test drivers who had a chance to get a spin in this powerful model claim that it will outmatch even the models of the 2014, which has to mean that some of the serious improvements have been made. On the list of things to test drivers have noticed, the first of improvements are the increased towing capability and a redesigned chassis. The drivers will still be able to enjoy the standard Ford look and design, but they will definitely greet the new engine very eagerly.

What is the new engine like?

The improved 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 engines might be just what is going to refresh this series. Robert Fascetti, the Ford vice president stated that these engines are already the employed in some of the other models, but implementing them into the 2015 Ford Super Duty makes this pickup even more furious. To support the power of the engine and give the pickup the maximum power, an improved brand-new turbocharger has been implemented as well.

What else is going to be new?

These are just some of the features which dramatically increase the performance of the 2015 Ford Super Duty. To make sure that the vehicle is going to be powerful and yet safe, a lot of work has been put in to create a better braking power. Everything has been retouched and upgraded to accommodate the new engine. The new 19.5 inch wheels, the redesigned rear, even new suspension parts are going to increase the handling, towing capacity and a power performance of this pickup truck.

Will this be the next best pickup truck?

The comfort level has been increased as well. A new, spacious interior design is going to allow drivers to experience a much larger amount of comfort as compared to the 2014 models of this type. This confirms that everyone will be eager to wait for the 2015 Ford Super Duty to come out of the works and show the drivers all the major improvements they have been hoping for.


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