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2014 Hyundai Accent Receives Some Minor Changes

If there’s one thing we know about the Hyundai car industry that is the fact that every model which reaches the market receives constant improvements until it gets is perfect as it can possibly be. That sort of attitude towards the cars is exactly what keeps this car industry on top and provides the drivers with the satisfactory choice among Hyundai cars. Even though the production of new models is clearly on the schedule of this prominent car industry, improvements never stop and this time is the Hyundai 2014 Accent.
What caused the change in the first place?
When the car first came out, the drivers were greeted with just what they expected. A powerful, stylish car with a smooth, modern look. Although the primary reception of the car was overly positive and the model continued to make quite a few sales, it seems that the sole perfectionists at Hyundai decided that the 2014 Accent could certainly use a little change.
What kind of improvements were those?
The changes are not of the styling nature. If anything, the 2014 Accent is going to greet the drivers with the traditional Hyundai looks. And the performance is going to be the same, the same 1.6 liter Gamma engine with four cylinders is still going to be rocking under the hood. The changes were more of a convenience type, adding a few useful features which haven’t been the part of the initial 2014 Accent.
What are the changes?
The integrated blind spot mirrors are one of the new additions to the 2014 Accent. They are certainly no major improvement or something luxurious introduced the car, but it certainly needed this sort of the equipment. Along with the mirrors comes an extensive list of other features including the brand-new projector headlamps, the racing sport shifter the triple flash turn signals and sun visors, as well as an updated audio system with a voice recognition feature.
Has the model seen any sales ever since?
The improvements have direct effect on the sales of the 2014 Accent. As soon as the changes rolled out, through October the sales of the 2014 Accent significantly rose, as it managed to sell 48,717 vehicles. Even though this is quite a respective number, it still is even close to what the competition has managed to sell by same date, most prominently the Nissan Versa which reached the plummeting 100,161 number of sales. The Hyundai 2014 still managed to make an impressive entrance and the welcome changes have warmed the audience up to it, so it is going to make quite a pleasing purchase for any driver looking for a trusty new Hyundai car.


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