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Honda Reaches 40 Years Of Quality Without Breaking A Sweat

Even though some of the previous Honda models were a complete flop in comparison to the legendary models this car industry has been known to produce, a shining star among those models seem to reach his peak potential in terms of sales. The legendary 2014 Honda Accord has managed to stay on high sales for the longest possible streak of 14 years.
How many of the cars have been sold?
The amount of popularity for the 2014 Honda Accord can be best noticed by the fact that by the end of August 2014, 51,750 of the vehicles have been sold on the territory of Northern America. This resulted in a groundbreaking increase in sales and in comparison to the year 2013, 32.5% more of the vehicles have been sold in the year 2014. This puts the 2014 Honda Accord right in line with the Odyssey minivan and the Acura TLX, which have been the top-selling models of the year 2014.
What happened to raise the popularity so much?
Speculations say that Honda doesn’t owe this sudden rise in sales only to the very well executed Honda Accord. An event has been organized, to boost the popularity of the model, the ‘Summer Clearance Event’. After this event has taken place, the popularity of the model has plummeted, but the fact is that the 2014 Honda Accord has been sold quite well overall in the first half of the year 2014.
Is the car good?
Just what is the secret behind these tremendous sales which have only been promising month after month for Honda? The answer lies in the amazingly powerful engine which drivers were honestly surprised. That is the in-line, four-cylinder V – 6 engine, which can achieve a stunning 252 hp. Connected to the flawless six speed transmission, it certainly managed to make a competitive entrance and stand shoulder to shoulder to the Acura TLX.
What is the future of the 2014 Honda Accord?
Earning the title of the best-selling midsize sedan in North America is by no means an easy task to accomplish. And the 2014 Honda Accord seem to have just what it takes to win over a vast majority of drivers. It is certainly going to remain one of the best-selling models during the years to come, seeing as the 40 year tradition has brought nothing but a large increase in sales and popularity, regardless of the fact that Honda is currently working on new models. Affordable, powerful and great selling, Honda Accord is going to rule the midsize sedan segment for a long time before it goes out of production.


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