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2013 Dodge Avenger- The Safest Car Perfect For You

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The 2013 Dodge Avenger simply stands out as a refreshingly design-wise, different and falls sadly short in a class of the high-achievers. It has grown far away from the rental-only territory and simply closer to becoming a good competitor for the cars in such segment, but with the closely related Chrysler 200, it is somehow a bit late.


For the past several years, the Chrysler has provided it a new V-6, a reorganized suspension and a whole new interior. Undoubtedly, it is better than what it was before, yet the models being introduced in the past such as the Nissan Altima, Ford Fusion together with the Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata was released a few years ago and simply made the competition even tougher.


For A Mild Retouch


For certain, right after a mild retouch from the previous years, the exterior of 2013 Dodge Avenger simply looks attractive and an outstanding one. Somehow, it is a smaller take on the design of the chunky Charger sedan, and has a lock on the brand unity for which small cars carry from their successful siblings. This Dodge becomes an up kick at the rear fenders which simply connects it to the Charger, giving it a hint of the muscle. On the inside, 2013 Dodge Avenger simply gave the cabin a little more polish finish, with better detailing as well as soft-touch materials around the dash. The only thing is that, the lower half of the dash was then left-untouched. Generally, the look has its premium look of the Charger or even the sporty and detailed look of the new Dodge cabin.


What buyers should expect


For most of the buyers, the 173 horsepower, 2.4 liter four-cylinder as well as four-speed automatic must be skipped over and left to its rental fleets. It’s four cylinder engine as well as six-speed automatic, the default combo all through the model line is somehow perky, yet there’s a bit too much of coarseness at times.


The 2013 Dodge Avenger might seem small as compared to those of the mid-size designs with their elongated rooflines, yet its size is just the same as the Optima or Sonata. This car simply provides a comfortable front seat and is on a wide side, yet they lack back support. In the back, you can find enough of legroom, though the roofline could surely make you feel some sort of confining. This car’s entry and exit could surely become an issue in the backseat as well. Well, it’s all because of its high sills and low roofline. 


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